Monday, January 5, 2009

Fake it till you make it

In my effort to reinvent myself (which is going horribly), I've read that you must "fake it".

In other words, pretend that you are who you want to be before you actually become that person.
Apparently it works for weight loss, financial success, and other achievements. I have mixed feelings about this idea because I feel like I would be living a lie. But I do use it occasionally.

For instance, ever since I was a child I wanted to have a house with a library. I grew up watching old Gothic and horror movies and read lots of Dickens, Bronte and Poe and there always seemed to be a library somewhere in the story. The rooms were always the same, tall book cases filled with old volumes of classics, science and poetry. Two wing back chairs stood close to a stone fireplace which always was lit with a blazing fire. Nearby a dog or cat would rest. The windows were narrow and tall, decorated with dark drapes that hid a secret window seat. There was usually a storm outside; thunder would rumble around the books and furniture. Can you imagine curling up on a overstuffed sofa, reading "Dracula" while the wind howled and beat against the glass?

That's the ultimate for me. But, alas, I'm too poor to have a house with a library. So, that's where fake it till I make it comes in. In the corner of my living room, I've placed three book cases and a table desk. The shelves are lined with hundreds of books. On the top of one shelf I have a painting I did of Jane Eyre. There's an old clock, a candle stick and some photos. There's also a spot for the cat to lie down. (that's her in the picture)..

I will always dream that I will have a library. Everyone who knows me is aware of that dream. Until that day comes, I'll keep "faking it". Better to have 1/10 of what I'm dreaming about than nothing!

What Did Debbie Do Today?

I made a fairy in a jar. The fairy was already made. I've been meaning to make one of these for a few years now.

She's kind of ethereal and kitchy at the same time.

I'm going to put her on Etsy later on. I liked making this and have been brainstorming some ideas. How does Dick and Jane in a jar sound?
Retro in a jar! Vintage in a jar!
Giraffe in a jar?

Time for a break!

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