Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pretty Snow and Frozen Pipes

Last night, after I tucked myself into bed, I thought to myself, "I better let the water drip in the sink" My pipes froze a few weeks ago and I've been letting the water drip ever since.

But, somehow I fell asleep and, sure enough, when I got up, my pipes were frozen.

I am so angry at myself for allowing that to happen! Trust me, it won't happen again.

I tried to defrost the pipes with a hair dryer for an hour. I wanted so badly to get those pipes to thaw because I didn't want to bother the landlord; but, it didn't work.

Now, I have to deal with the grumpy repair man later on this evening. He's such a un-happy person. I guess I wouldn't want to crawl around defrosting people's pipes either, but then again, if he hates it so much, he shouldn't do it.

My pipes have heat tape on them, but I'm having some electrical problems. So the landlord is going to inspect the outside electrical box, to see if the breakers need to be replaced. For once, the landlord was kind towards me. It's like he was giving me a break.

While I was outside I took some pictures.

Snow covered chair and old stove I use for decorations.
The white box is filled with petosky stones.

I love this big old tree. The sun is right behind it.

Another prop in my back yard. It's fallen down the hill a bit.
I better fetch it before it falls further and floats down the river.

This is where I sit in warmer weather to relax, watch nature, get inspired and be rejuvenated.

I've seen deer splash across the river and ducks lead their babies up stream. From this spot, I watched a baby raccoon, high in the trees, fret for it's mother. I've heard owls, coyotes and fox.

Once I saw a big ball of snakes, slithering in the warm sun. Sometimes I see spiders that are so big, I quickly retreat inside.

I don't own the property that slopes down to the river. But, it's nice to be so close to nature, and still be in the city.

While I was outside taking these pictures, it was bitter cold. But, I know that it will only be a few more months before the snow melts, the birds return and I go back out side and enjoy the view.

I'll be back later with some creative ideas.


Aloquin said...

Where is this?

garritygal said...

I live in Dearborn Heights, MI..That's behind my house, Hines Park. It's 27 miles of park that runs right through several cities. As the weather improves, I'm going to take a photo trip from the beginning of the park to the end and post a blog about it. It has inspired me to write a story using the park as an important part of the plot. I have such ambitions, it's only be rattling around in my head forever.

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