Sunday, January 11, 2009


On Friday, after my class, I headed out to my sister's house in Howell. A few hours later, we got blasted with snow, snow and more snow. I was supposed to come home on Saturday afternoon before dark, but the roads were horrible. So, I spent another night there and got home Sunday before noon.

I usually travel with my clay, but this time I left it at home. So, by Saturday noon, knowing that I wouldn't be coming home, my sister and I ventured out to Michaels so I could buy some polymer.

Since I had no coupon, I was hoping that clay was on sale. I wasn't so lucky, and had to pay retail for a box of it. I chose wisely though, and bought an 8 pack of granitex clay. I almost hyperventilated at the check out. I don't think I've paid retail in 20 years! That will teach me to travel without a box of clay and some supplies.

When we got back to my sister's house, she wanted to load up the wood box so we could have a fire. As I carried a couple of logs to the wood burning stove, I saw a Michael's flier on a pile of papers. Sure enough, there was a 40% off coupon that was expiring that evening. Too late for me to use it though. We sure weren't going back out in the storm.

Here are some little things I made to help me pass the time and to feel a little bit useful to myself.

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