Sunday, January 25, 2009

Polymer Clay Winner

The last winner of my giveaway is Silverhartgirl. Congratulations and thanks for reading my blog.

Now I need everyone who won over the past week to send me your address. My email is

In the subject line, put "I won a clay baby". That way, if it goes to spam, I'll notice it.

I will ship this out by Wednesday or Thursday, and I would like to make one trip, so make sure everyone gets their information to me before then.

I hope you all enjoyed this. I know I did. I plan on doing this more often (not a week's worth), but at least one a month.

So, if you want more chances to win in the future, bookmark my site, or subscribe to it.


Aloquin said...

It was a really awesome giveaway. Too bad i didn't win, but perhaps next time!

BG said...

Deb you can give mine to Kendra when you see her and I will get it from her. No sense in wasting postage money if you don't need to!

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