Thursday, January 29, 2009

Clay is on Sale at Joanns..

In case you don't know, all Sculpey clay is on sale at Joann's. That includes premo and studio clay.

But, you better move fast because the sale ends on Saturday. I went to a Joann's today and the lady in charge of that department hadn't put the sign out (it's been on sale for a couple weeks), so there was a lot to choose from.

I loaded up on a lot of clay, enough to last for awhile (of course, there's always the chance I'll sell a lot of clay babies and will run out).

I came home from the store and dumped all the clay on my table. Tomorrow I'm going to sort it out. The last few days I've been busy and haven't done much in the way of clay. Sometimes, even with the best intentions, I just can not get to it.

Giveaway winners

I've only heard from a few of the winners of the clay baby giveaway. If you won, please send me your address. Tomorrow I'll contact those people. Then I will ship out the clay babies to the winners. Remember, if you haven't sent your address to me, put "I won a clay baby" in the subject line.


Georgia Stewart said...

hi I just love your little babies, they are so dear and what a beautiful talent you have, I am interested in a whole sale account, I am in cleveland ohio and do not sell on ebay, how would i send you a private message with my phone as i would like to talk to you about the babies i would likie to have and sell.

garritygal said...

Hi, thanks so much. Just email me at

The PolymerChick said...

I emailed you, so hope you got my message :) I forgot to ask if you had received it ;p hope everything is well :)

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