Sunday, January 18, 2009

Valentine Graphic and LunimArt

Here's a sweet graphic for you to have. It's two little sock monkeys falling in love. Open in a new window, right click and save. This would be a cute comment to add to myspace or sent as an email attachment, etc.

My friend Mary Ann, who is as addicted to creating art as I am, sent me a link to a website called LuminArt Inc.

This company sells wonderful iridescent mica powders in vibrant colors that you can add to all kinds of art work. I've used something similar on clay jewelry and embellishments. The powders give the artwork an elegant, shimmery look.

Check out their website for tutorials and wonderful pictures of art work you can do. I especially love the clay tray. By using texture sheets, clay and mica powders, they've made a wooden tray look like stained glass. Later on today, I'm going to experiment with some of my mica powders to make a stained glass pin. I'll be back to show you the results.

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