Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Polymer Clay Giveaway *Day Three*

Are we having fun yet?

Yesterday's winner was BG. Thanks for commenting.

Today's free Clay Baby is a little patriotic girl holding a flag. It's an eventful day in America. It's a day to put aside all our political differences and hope that America takes a turn towards better days.
So this little Clay Baby represents that. I'm the least political person you'd ever want to meet; I voted for the other guy, but I hope and pray that Obama is the best president we've ever had. Who would wish otherwise?

Let me repeat the rules of this giveaway. Leave a comment. Any old comment will do. It doesn't influence my choice (that's the luck of the draw)..This isn't a gimmick, just my way of thanking my readers, paying if forward, building my blog, growing my business. The only stipulation is you have to live in America or Canada. At least having a mailing address in those two countries. If you live on the moon and have a mailing address in Canada or United States, go for it!! :)

I got side tracked and didn't do the stained glass clay pin yesterday. I had to go to my class and at the end of the day, my legs were hurting so bad I couldn't concentrate. I feel better today, so I'm going to do the stained glass, with photos, so that it's a tutorial. Also, if I like the end results, it will be tomorrow's giveaway.

Let the commenting begin!!


BG said...

Woohoo!!!!! Thanks Deb I love it!!! Here is my comment for today, because I am greedy like that. And yes the blog is back up. I took some time off but I am really trying to focus on posting this year because it helps keep me on track. Also with your giveaways there are some bigger blogs that do weekly giveaways (www.moneysavingmom.com comes to mind) and you can post your giveaways on those sites. They have a lot of readers so you might get more hits that way.

Aloquin said...

Congrats BG!

Yes, I also voted for the other guy. But yes, we all pray that things will work out according to God's will. Anyway, this is my post for today. Keep up the great work!

If you're at all interested, there's tons of people doing giveaways that post right in the forums. In fact, they make lists of the blogs doing giveaways. It's time consuming to go through them, but they often ask for other blogs also doing giveaways, so u can get noticed that way, too... uh oh, did I just lessen my chances of winning? ;) It's all good. Best of luck!

South said...

I stopped by to check out your site. Very cute figurines. I hope you keep making them as they are sure to make the world a brighter place to live.

The PolymerChick said...

aaww! i love this one too! If I just happen to win her, I can put her with my little gingerbread girl :)

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