Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Polymer Clay Giveaway *Day Four*

Congratulations to Polymer Chick. She won again.

I am really being honest and fair when I pick the winner. My friend Stacy sent me to and I'm using the dice. Until more than 6 people comment, I only use one.

The first person to comment is number 1, second is number 2,,so on, you get it.

Today the die landed on four. I could be sneaky and roll again till someone who didn't win was picked, but I'm too honest.

I once did a really well known craft show in my area and one of the stipulations was you had to donate a gift worth $10.00 or more for their big raffle. The Raffle was called at the end of the day, after the craft show ended. I always thought that it wasn't really very convenient for them to do it like that. Most shows call their raffles during the whole day.

Well, at the end of one show, I realized why they did it like that. It had taken me a little longer than usual to pack up. My sister was there to help me and was visiting the restroom, close to the raffle table. I was waiting in the hallway for her, where I could here the ending of the raffle. There were only a few people near the table and I realized one woman kept saying, Oh, that's me, I win again. I positioned myself to see what was going on. The only people around the table were the organizer, a few volunteers and the organizer's daughter & her daughter's husband. I stepped back, because I didn't want them to see that I was watching.

A few minutes later the organizer's daughter and her daughter's husband walked past me. In their arms were some nice items, a large wooden snowman, a doll, some wooden ornaments, a shirt, . I didn't catch everything they had, but the daughter looked at me and said, "Can you believe how lucky I am?" Then as they walked further away, I heard her husband say, "wow, you sure are lucky." (pretty amazing, since there was only one raffle ticket per person. You received it as you entered the show.)

I always had such trust when I donated my craft item to the show. I never realized that the organizers and volunteers were keeping the best things for themselves. I had seen a lot of nepotism at that show in the past, but this was beyond favoritism, it was stealing in my opinion. (I never did the show after that. I wrote them a letter telling them what I saw, and they failed to defend themselves.)

My point of this story is that I'm trying to be honest with the daily picks, simple as that.

Today's giveaway is a monkey with a cupcake. (My stained glass pin didn't turn out so well.)

Yesterday I had over 100 visitors (maybe I was counted a few times) but only 4 people commented. So, I wonder, are people shy? Don't they like the clay babies? :(

Don't be afraid to join in on this giveaway! If you live in the United States or Canada, leave a comment and you could win this little monkey.


BG said...

I am in again. I love clay babies.

DEb try this site here:
You can post your giveaway at the end and maybe get some more traffic this way.

cathy said...

I love your clay babies too!

Wow, I cant believe the nerve of the promoters to keep stuff meant to be given away. That's stealing in my book! I'm going to be keeping an eye out at my craft shows in the future for this. It just never occurred to me that this could happen. Guess I'm pretty trusting too.

BG said...

I don't know why more people are not commenting. I love the little cuties. But hey it is their loss. At least you are getting some traffic. =)

katers2714 said...

Your clay creations are so cute and monkeys are my absolute favorite animal so I hope I win!

andrea v said...

These look really sute. would love to win. thanks
vickers at comcast dot net

The PolymerChick said...

:O sweet! im amazed I won again! But, you shouldnt put my name in the next draw. I want someone else to win :) I need to send you my address still ;p

Rachel Jaclyn said...

The monkey is so cute! And I just love cupcakes...

ann_was_here said...

just discovered your blog today, your work is so cute. the shapes are so great... everything looks so smooth and adorable! love the little cupcake on this one :)

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